Welcome to the Toms River Waterfront and Surrounding Area LCD Study

Ocean County, in partnership with Toms River Township, is conducting a Local Concept Development (LCD) study to determine appropriate improvements to Downtown Toms River. The goals of the study are to promote sustainable redevelopment within Toms River’s Downtown Redevelopment Area that can be supported by improvements to the street network and circulation system, improve pedestrian and bicycle circulation within the neighborhood, and improve the neighborhood’s resilience in the face of future natural hazards.

In 2012, Toms River’s Downtown Waterfront area was severely impacted by flooding from Superstorm Sandy. The flooding damaged a number of businesses and submerged the Township’s Coastal Evacuation Route along Water Street. Flooding in the Township’s downtown brought the area’s vulnerabilities into sharp focus. Since Superstorm Sandy, plans have formed to promote redevelopment of this blighted area. However, redevelopment plans have not been adopted due to concerns that redevelopment of the Downtown Waterfront area would exacerbate existing traffic conditions.

Community involvement is an important part of the LCD Study phase, and we encourage the community and general public to participate and provide input during the study.

Community involvement is a vital part of the project. We encourage you to follow and provide input on improvements to the bridge as an important transportation link for the local communities and the region. Get Involved

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