Project Team

The Project Team is composed of members representing Ocean County, Toms River Township, and Urban Engineers with support from regional and state agencies. See directory of project team staff and contact information below:


  • John Ernst, Ocean County Engineer
  • Mark Jehnke, Assistant County Engineer

Toms River

  • Robert Chankalian, Township Engineer
  • David Roberts, Township Planner

CONSULTANT TEAM – Urban Engineers

  • Adam Brown, Senior Highway Engineer
  • Chris Burke, Senior Traffic Engineer
  • Justin DiBiase, Senior Highway Engineer
  • Scott Diehl, Project Manager
  • Daniel Hutton, Planner/Public Outreach Facilitator

The Toms River Waterfront and Surrounding Area Local Concept Development phase of the project has concluded. This website will serve to document the process, materials, and results of the aforementioned phase of the project.

A new project website has been created to provide up-to-date information on the next phases of the Toms River Downtown Road project. The next phases of the project were initiated at the conclusion of the previous phase of the project. - CLICK HERE


Toms River Township

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